For a guaranteed professional and individual exhibition.

Portable displays are your best friend when it comes to maximum exposure on minimum surface (exhibition stand). Easy to install, cost-effective, lifetime guarantee and durable are the main keywords in this. Choose out of our large program of portable displays the one that suits best to your needs and demands and let us help you to design this into an eye-catching end result.

Installation: Setting up your custom tension fabric display can be done in less than 10 minutes. Assembly can be done with one person, though having two will speed up the process. Begin building the frame by connecting the two vertical poles by clicking into place the locking mechanism. The internal bungee cord makes for easy connecting. The pole ends that connect to each other also have a small numbered sticker on them. Pole end “1” will connect to the other pole end “1” and so forth. After assembling the vertical poles, do the same thing for the horizontal poles, including the curved poles for the top corners. Once the frame is fully assembled pull the display over the frame from the top to the bottom. Close the zipper on the bottom of the display. Insert the vertical poles into the two bases provided. Your display is ready in just a couple of minutes! A more detailed set of instructions can be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Care: Tension fabric displays are suitable for machine washing on a low cycle with cold water. The frame itself can be cleaned using a light cleaning solution and a soft cloth to remove any built up dirt. Though cleaning the actual frame will rarely be needed. Take care when removing the fabric from the frame to avoid overstretching and possible damage to the display. To extend the lifetime of the display and frame, proper storing in the provided soft carrying case is recommended.