Dining Table Cloth

A perfect table accessory to add to your event display.
  • Design and order in minutes, get delivered quick.
  • Choose a background of millions of images from the Adobe photo library.
  • Thousands of high-quality patterns are available for your use.
  • Customizable size, colors, and graphics
  • Finishing options include hot cut knife & sewn edges

$ 64.00
Total price $ 64.00
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Product information
There are not many things much more fun than gathering around the table to enjoy a meal with family or friends. Our custom table cloth can help create an even better and warmer atmosphere. You can print any images, text, or designs you like on it. With different patterns and styles of artwork, this table cloth is a good decoration for different scenes like formal dinners, birthday celebrations, and all kinds of theme parties.
Made of special fabrics, our family table cloth is waterproof, oil-proof and stain-resistant. Better yet, its machine-washable design can be refreshed and reused time and time again – cutting down on waste in the process. 
Size: Custom Size (just need to tell us your table size, we will customize for you)
Material: Water Proof, Oil Proof, Stain Resistant 300D
Package: Individually wrapped
Layer: Single layerSize: custom
Material: 250g polyester, 300D polyester
[super_tab title="FAQ"]FAQ[/super_tab]
Artwork must be created using the provided templates.
 1. Acceptable file types include PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, TIF, TIFF, JPG, and SVG, among which AI and PDF are highly recommended. 
2. Files must be the same exact size as what is ordered. 
3. The maximum size of the file should be 200M. If you have much larger files, please contact our customer service representatives. 
4. Please review the artwork specification before uploading your file. We will not be responsible for the delayed orders due to artwork that cannot meet the provided requirements.