Advertising Flags

Premium duplex printing custom flags

Our new duplex printing banners are digitally printed on a single layer fabric, which will be lighter in weight. And the turnaround time will also be faster due to the simplified production process. And the most important is that the logos on the front side and reverse side will not affect each other. The single-sided custom flag has a 99% see through rate

For these flags, the Duplex Printable Blockout Polyester would be the most recommended fabric if you want to display 2 different logos or arts on a  single layer banner to maximize your brand exposure. Because these fabrics can be printed with different logos or patterns on the 2 sides. And you can print different arts on them to use them on different occasions to save the budget.

For the rest 4 fabrics, only the same logo/pattern is accepted. A clear outline will be produced on both sides of the fabric, but the logo/pattern on the reverse side would be the mirror image of the front side, just like the 100% penetration effect created by silk printing. If there is any text included in your artwork, they will be not right reading.