Remax flags

Each of our Remax flags can be edited according to your wishes. Click on your flag and others or add text. Easy and simple!

Single Sided / Reverse Print

Image is printed on 1 side of the banner for single-sided displays. 
The back side shows the see through mirror image of the front side of your custom flag (ca. 80%).

Far less common than a double sided feather flag, our flags can be printed only on one side if needed. Single sided signs will be "print through" meaning that your design and/or text will be somewhat visible from the backside, but to any extent of visibility the design will appear mirrored instead of duplicated on the back side.

Single Sided / Reverse Print

Two single-sided banners are sewn back to back enabling a double-sided display. A block out material is sewn between the banners to prevent light from shining through.

  • Flags are printed with high quality eco-safe inks through our dye sublimation process
  • 100% polyester. All side lengths are sewn.
  • Incl. grommets or pocket sleeve

Remax feather flags

Designed how you want.

Looking to make a custom Remax sign? It’s simple with our easy-to-use tool. Just upload your design, pick a display color, and make your edits. You’ll have a design in just a few minutes.

REMAX Feather flag

Our REMAX Feather Flag is suitable for indoor and outdoor events. Effectively advertise your logo or message with our large feather angled flag. Available hardware options including a heavy duty cross base or ground stake to fit to your pole set.

REMAX pole flags with grommets

Our custom pole flags can transform your logo or artwork into a dynamic flying reality. Flags are printed with high quality eco-safe inks through our dye sublimation process. Whether you are flying your flag on a pole or simply hanging it in your room, we offer two types of finishing to accommodate your displaying needs.

REMAX Yard signs (Coroplast)

Our Corrugated Plastic signs are an option for outdoor signs such as real estate signs, parking signs, and election signs. Coroplast is now UV printed! They are compatible with wire stakes and metal frames. (10" x 30" H-Stake wire available).

REMAX Aluminum Swingpost

Our aluminum sandwich boards are made with two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminum permanently bonded to polyethylene core. These substrates come 1/8" in thickness to fit most display stands and are perfect for long-term outdoor and indoor use. Aluminum Sandwich Board graphics are printed on vinyl with UV ink and mounted.

REMAX outdoor banner

We use a premium outdoor fabric banner. It has a very smooth surface for best printing results. This material is typically used for billboards, building wraps, banners, event flags, trade show signage, parades, etc.

REMAX Magnetic Signs

Our magnet sheet uses a high quality 30 mil material with a smooth surface for best color printing. Best suited for car door signage, it also serves as temporary signage for construction sites or other quick-changing work environments. Magnets are printed Direct UV for a long lasting matte graphic appearance. 

Note: Please allow magnet to magnetize to your vehicle overnight before driving. Your magnet may detach if you do not allow ample time for magnetization.